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Manali Hemp Tea

Manali Tea

Manali Tea is infused with hemp extract that contains a hemp compound.  Hemp presents a wide range of natural, medicinal benefits from anxiety reduction and anti-inflammation to promoting cardiovascular health and overall relaxation. Enjoy the benefits of this non-psychoactive hemp in three flavorful teas.  For more information on the benefits of hemp extract, click here


Peach – Wake your taste buds with a bright burst of a peach-infused green tea that’s a perfect combination of healthy antioxidants and naturally sweet flavor. 

Tulsi – Packed with a strong clove-like aroma, Tulsi supports your immune and cardiovascular system while promoting detoxification giving your body natural, healthy energy. 

Elaichi – Supports the immune and cardiovascular system while giving you strong and aromatic flavors of herb and citrus.  Elaichi is another great source for natural and healthy energy. 


3 servings


1 teabag (2g)

20 mg hemp extract


Pour boiling water over the teabag.  Steep teabag for 60 seconds, then remove tea bag from water.  Each teabag contains 20mg of hemp extract.  

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