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by Rocky Singh Kandola May 21, 2018

CBD Hemp Party with grassfed vape rooms and dab barsCANNABINOL can help alleviate the AMERICA OPIOID EPIDEMIC and research has been underway for years. 
Manali Tea is a very simple “entry level” product that I recently introduced in LA, because I am passionate in helping others. This tea was created with CBD to introduce more reserved consumers in the health care and pain management market to the non-psychoactive benefits of Cannabinol. 
I am also passionate about the cannabis industry and the ability and massive power this industry holds in our country today to help, cure, and change society instead of hinder and hide our collective issues as Americans. 
Our mission statement is simple as well:
“We wish to change the way the world deals with their pain, one cup of tea at a time.” 
I send hemp tea to patients all over the world, if anyone needs to try a healthy natural hemp infused organic tea from India, instead of unhealthy medicines, please reach out. 
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Manali Tea


Cannabinol for opioid help
We love the cannabis industry

Rocky Singh Kandola
Rocky Singh Kandola